• Security Coding Consulting

    Providing developers with security coding regulations, recommendations and relevant consulting services in advance to prevent insecure coding.
  • Security Evaluation

    Conducting security scanning on source codes in the development phase; analyzing and verifying security issues; exporting source code security auditing reports, etc.
  • Solutions

    Offering solutions to each code with risks to help developers make improvement and optimization.

  • Strictly Confidential

    Testin signs confidentiality agreements with our clients, promising that your app source codes, technology-related documents and auditing results will never be given to any other third-party organization or individual.

  • Legal Compliance

    Source code auditing strictly follows international and Chinese standards, including the Basic National System on Information Security, the Information Security Management System, GB/T 22239、IOS/IEC 27001, etc.

  • Full SDLC

    Providing source code security auditing services throughout the app life cycle, including app development, test and release phases.

  • Avoiding huge economic losses

    Auditing reports give enterprises a better understanding of the security of their apps, thereby preventing economic losses caused by the release of apps with many unknown vulnerabilities.

  • Greatly enhancing system security

    App security to a great extent relies on the quality of the source code. Code auditing can help enterprises fix defects in the code and thereby enhance app security.

  • Reducing fixing cost

    According to the NIST, the cost of fixing code defects after app release tends to be 30 times higher than that during the development phase. Thus, solving problems as early as possible will greatly reduce unnecessary costs.




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