• Commercial Cryptography Security Evaluation (hereafter referred to as “CCSE”) is tailored for network or information systems that use cryptography technologies, products and services. The goal of CCSE is to effectively evaluate the compliance, correctness and effectiveness of the commercial cryptography.
  • This campaign is supervised by China's State Cryptography Administration under the framework of the Network Security Law, Regulations on the Commercial Passwords and Evaluation Requirements for Passwords in Information Systems. All systems that have been identified as systems needing the third level of information security protection or above must pass this evaluation.
  • As a qualified cryptography evaluation institution, Testin uses professional tools and measures to conduct specific and overall security tests on commercial cryptography. Accurate evaluation results are given to our clients, helping them understand the security of their cryptography and take necessary technologies and management moves.

  • Compliance

    Checking whether commercial cryptography is used in necessary parts

  • Correctness

    Checking whether correct methods of commercial cryptography have been used in apps

  • Effectiveness

    Checking whether the commercial cryptography used does effectively protect apps from risks and threats. Emphasis is put on its authenticity, confidentiality, comprehensiveness and undeniableness

  • reliable and professional services and mature testing technologies as well as management
  • labs certified by the CNAS
  • featuring various professional cryptography evaluation tools whose coverage ranges from the network layer to the data layer
  • consistently upholding the corporate philosophy of quickly responding to clients’ needs without delay




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