• Quickly quarantining malware and programs

    Providing advanced static integrated protection by combining dynamic blacklists and whitelists as well as in-depth file scanning mechanisms
  • Quickly scanning and quarantining threats

    Lightweight software quickly locates and quarantines the attacks on the vulnerabilities of systems and apps.Timely cutting off the Internet connection of the attacked to prevent the spread of threats
  • Effective harm reducing mechanism

    Quickly rolling back to the status before attacks and strengthening security strategies.Thoroughly and intelligently collecting data about the entire attack and improving relevant security strategies
  • Sharing threat information

    Enhancing security strategies by referring to the threat information released by authoritative organizations.Once a terminal encounters an attack, its information is immediately shared on other terminals to timely strengthen defense.

  • Detecting and solving in time unknown threats based on such terminal protection measures as machine learning and behavior analysis
  • Extensively defending against different attacks (including malware, backdoors, Trojans, malicious files, Powershell, hacking tools, etc.)
  • Multiple terminals jointly respond to threats. Security strategies are rapidly generated and delivered
  • Real time monitoring and recording the course of attacks and returning infected systems to designated statuses
  • Lightweight single platform is easy to manage
  • Support Windows, Linux, Mac OS and other types of operating systems




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