• Engineers can accurately locate the most vulnerable parts in the system by simulating the technologies and attacking tricks that hackers often use.
  • After vulnerabilities have been found, a more in-depth security check is conducted.
  • In the end, our clients will receive a detailed test report which includes descriptions and recurrence methods of the vulnerabilities as well as relevant solutions, which help them better understand and solve the security risks threatening their app.

  • Locating Security Risks

    Digging out security vulnerabilities and risks and planning out attacking routes accordingly to simulate the attack of hackers. The entire penetration test will verify the existence of each security risk and evaluate the extent to which it may be exploited.

  • Verifying Technology Security

    Qualitatively analyzing and verifying the security of the entire system with advanced security technologies.

  • Bound by the Law

    The Network Security Law stipulates that personal information should be under proper protection. By fixing app vulnerabilities found in the penetration test, enterprises can better protect users’ information, avoiding the breach of the law.

  • Enhancing Security Awareness

    Test results are valuable materials for enterprises’ staff to study the principles and technologies of cyberspace security as well as solutions to vulnerabilities; in this way, the staff’s security awareness can be greatly enhanced while the safety of the enterprises’ assets can be guaranteed.




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