• Anti-tampering

    conducting integrity and signature verifications on apps to prevent tampering or repackaging
  • Preventing reverse engineering

    preventing hackers from reverse-engineering your apps or restoring the authentic coding logic by packing your apps or adding confusing codes
  • Anti-theft

    converting and dynamically tracking stored data to effectively prevent data acquisition and modification
  • Anti-debugging

    preventing attackers from conducting dynamic debugging and code injection on apps, which can effectively avoid phishing attacks, transaction hijacking, data tampering and other malicious acts

  • Avoiding risks introduced by newly added modules during the rapid iteration apps

  • Protecting the core technologies and achievements of developers from theft or piracy after app release

  • Apps’confidential data or property-related business data is not stolen or tampered with

  • Initiating IPA reinforcement technology

    the first enterprise in China to create IPA Binary File reinforcement technology to strengthen the security of iOS apps

  • Comprehensive reinforcement of Android apps

    strengthening the security of Android apps by reinforcing codes, resource files, configuration files, etc.

  • App Security Cycle

    providing comprehensive and coordinated security services throughout the entire app life cycle, ranging from test to reinforcement phases

  • Perfect compatibility guarantee

    conducting comprehensive and professional tests on apps’ compatibility with different device models after security reinforcement procedures




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