• Security Scanning

    thoroughly scanning the coding, configuration, resource and other contents of apps. Looking for unregulated behavior, dangerous functions or sensitive information contained in apps’ components, plug-ins and SDK
  • Risk evaluation

    assessing the risks of apps undergoing external attacks with a focus on apps’ functions, components, interface, etc. For example, component invocation, sensitive function calls and dynamic injection, etc.
  • Solutions and recommendations

    offering feasible solutions and recommendations based on the vulnerability category and risk grading specified in the scanning report

  • Convenient operation with a simple click, you can upload apk files or select the app list to submit a test;

  • High efficiency clearly structured test reports are available ten minutes after test submission;

  • Comprehensive testing locating risks and identifying their threat levels with a combination of static and dynamic scanning technologies.

  • Accurate locatingAccurate locating the security risks to class, method, code line. Help enterprise slove the risks easily.




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